111 Accessory - 10' White pull down screen

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  • Optimized Privacy: Tailored for Mirador 111S and 111DA, this adjustable pull-down screen offers impeccable privacy, shielding you from prying eyes while creating a peaceful retreat.
  • Sun-Soaked Comfort: Revel in the great outdoors while staying shielded from harsh sunrays. The pull-down sun shade keeps you cool and comfortable under the shimmering sky, enhancing your relaxation to the fullest.
  • Wind Block Magic: Embrace gentle breezes without the disruption of strong winds. This accessory acts as a reliable wind block, ensuring your space remains tranquil and undisturbed.
  • UV Resistant Guard: Safeguard your well-being with UV-resistant technology. The screen provides a protective layer against harmful rays, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without compromise.
  • Multifunctional: Whether you are looking for additional privacy or a wind break, Mirador's pull down screen system is the perfect choice. Choose, one, two, three or four screens to add that extra element of design and functionality to your outdoor living space.
  • Tailored Elegance: Designed to seamlessly integrate with Mirador 111S and 111DA, this accessory adds a touch of elegance to your pergola. Its sleek construction and Charcoal Black hue harmonize beautifully with your outdoor aesthetic.
Color: White
Size: 10'


Pull down shade screen

Give your pergola an extra touch of privacy with our retractable screen system. Breathable, waterproof Texteline fabric provides added shade while protecting you from annoying insects and prying eyes. With our integrated handle, you can open or close it effortlessly, as and when you need it. A durable, rust-resistant aluminum frame ensures years of smooth and effortless protection. And with a line of color options to match your Mirador pergola, it is the perfect blend of form and function.

Product Dimensions

110x4x93 in. / 146x4x93 in.

Gross Weight

89 pounds / 98 pounds



Suitable for

10' side / 13' side

Package Dimensions

114x9x7 in. / 150x9x7 in.

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