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Dust and dirt will collect on your pergola, so periodic cleaning is necessary.

Use a water/detergent mixture with a soft, clean cloth to wash your shutter walls.

Wipe your pergola down with a soft cloth or allow it to air dry.

For more soiled areas, thoroughly rinse the surface from top to bottom with clean water.

Lubricating the moving parts on your pergola is usually not necessary. However, if any parts begin to squeak, apply a silicone spray lubricant.

Do not use any petroleum-based spray lubricants.

In coastal areas, we recommend regularly rinsing your pergola with fresh water to reduce the accumulation of salt and dirt.

Disconnect any cables if you are not using your pergola for extended periods.

To prolong the life of your pergola, we recommend using it less frequently when the temperature drops below 0°C/32°F.